Thursday, August 31, 2006

Translations of Zhang Jiehai's Essay

I like Postcards from China's side-by-side translations of the Zhang Jiehai Essay

Chinabounder: What an Ass!

White woman in Shanghai is invisible.

And white woman who’s looking for a husband! Should guys like me even notice such a woman, our reaction would be one of scorn, pity or amusement. Most likely the latter, as later we guffawed with our friends over the very idea of a relationship with a white woman.

~From "Sex and Shanghai," Chinabounder blog

I don't know if he should be lynchmobbed, but he certainly is a terrific dolt and deserves to be outted to every girl he meets. I say women of the world, White and Chinese, lock your legs and kick 'im in the #$%!

Chinabounder Hullabaloo